#24 Poem: Don’t let your eyes to tear !!

Second by second
As the time passes by
It makes me realise
That i have to say BYE

From tomorrow my love
I’ll not be here
To express my feelings
To show you my care

The distances between 
Us will grow
Different ships of life
We will have to row

Although I’ll be far
From you my dear
Please don’t let
Your eyes to tear

I cannot promise
About my return
May be this time
It can be my turn

If you get the news
That we both fear
Look here my princess
And carefully hear

I may not hold you
Again in this life
But my soul for sure
With you will reside

In your memories
I will live again
I am sorry for the misery
I am sorry for the pain !!

Hope a day comes, when no war kills the smiles of families. 

Thank you All the Heroes !! Who put their life at stake for our safety. 

Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.


59 thoughts on “#24 Poem: Don’t let your eyes to tear !!”

  1. As A Blue Star MOM.. this touches my heart to the core….
    To this day… 6 years later My eyes still fill up with tears when I see a man in uniform….
    My son was overseas fighting for a year… longest of my life…

    ❀ beautifully written…

    Kind Regards my friend – GK

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you so much deah. I am glad u liked it. ❀
      Actually i had seen the pain of such families very closely. My uncle was in army. We lost him many years back.
      So its kinda… dedicated to him. ❀

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Oh, I’m so sorry to hear that! May God bless his soul. I’ve never seen anything so close like this before. It’s sad to see the plight of families of ones who gave their life for their beloved country and fellow countrymen. 😦 Hope for a better future. πŸ™‚

        Liked by 1 person

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