#Poem 106: She, at night

At night
When her reality sets
She enters into the world of dreams
Into her own, magical realm
Where she is the empress
Mighty and kind
Where her strength and will
World’s words doesn’t confine
She fights the evil
Inside and outside her
She fights the doubts
That the world incurs
She’s incomplete and perfect
Like the crescent moon
She’s new, her true self
Like she just left her cocoon
At night
When the world is sound asleep
She makes a promise to grow
Forever to keep.



#Poem 105: May be!

It all shines
The stars, the moon
The sky
And its all dark
Inside me
I don’t know why

It’s dark like the spaces
Between the stars
It’s chaotic and suffocating
Like crowded bazaars

I try, fail, and try again
To find a way out of this blue
But where to start and where to end
I don’t have any clue

It’s like I’m falling slowly
Inside a deep well
A place which is no heaven
And not even a hell

It’s something in between
The paradise and reality
It’s something translucent
It doesn’t have a clarity

My hopes and faith and smiles
Blur away in the mist
Of the tears that I shed
When your photograph, I kissed

It reminds me of the last time
You wrapped your arms around me
And no other place in this world
In this moment, I want to be

The stars shine
Even in the darkest night
And may be I will too
Just not, tonight.


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#Poem 104: Hold my hand

Hold my hand
And let’s run away
To the farthest end
Of this world
This love that flows
From me to you
And you to me
Might sometimes hurt
But more than that
More than anything
It gives joys and hues
To my gray scale words
So hold my hand
And let’s create a life
A home of our own
In this people’s world.



#Poem 103: Roses or thorns?

Some see the beautiful stars
Some just see the dark night
While some see themselves
And find the brightest light
No matter how vivid
This world gets to be
You will see it black and white
If you chose that to see
You can have all the power
And yet never feel strong
If you keep believing
To weakness you belong
The world that has roses
Will have thorns as well
What do you want to be?
On what do you dwell? 🌹