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Hello everyone!!! I hope you’re doing great!! Well, SIWO is back with its poetry contest, with a little twist this time.

~ This poetry contest is titled as “8 Liners“. You have to write a poetry having only 8 lines. ~ …..

via 🌻🌻 SIWOPC : 8 Lines Poetry contest 🌻🌻 — SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD


🌻🌻 SIWOPC : 8 Lines Poetry contest 🌻🌻 — SUCCESS INSPIRERS’ WORLD


#Poem 104: Hold my hand

Hold my hand
And let’s run away
To the farthest end
Of this world
This love that flows
From me to you
And you to me
Might sometimes hurt
But more than that
More than anything
It gives joys and hues
To my gray scale words
So hold my hand
And let’s create a life
A home of our own
In this people’s world.



#Poem 103: Roses or thorns?

Some see the beautiful stars
Some just see the dark night
While some see themselves
And find the brightest light
No matter how vivid
This world gets to be
You will see it black and white
If you chose that to see
You can have all the power
And yet never feel strong
If you keep believing
To weakness you belong
The world that has roses
Will have thorns as well
What do you want to be?
On what do you dwell? 🌹


#Poem 102: Promise

As I take the first bite

Of your favourite chocolate cake

I admire those cute

Funny faces you make

A hundred pictures clicked

But never enough for you

Oh darling how beautiful

You look today in blue!

As I hold your hand firmly

We share our worlds in words

I lose myself in you

Finding your joys, your hurts

The sunlight rays in

Through the window behind you

Glaring my eyes

Stating what’s true

Like every other time

You fade away in light

With a promise to meet again

As a star, in the night.



RIP heroes 🇮🇳

At least 38 CRPF personnel were martyred on Thursday, 14th Feb, in one of the deadliest terror attacks in Jammu and Kashmir when a Jaish suicide bomber rammed a vehicle carrying over 100 kg of explosives into their bus in Pulwama district. India held Pakistan responsible for harbouring terrorists and withdrew the MFN status.

May God give strength to the families of the martyred heroes. Nothing will ever be able to compensate their loss.

No words can describe the feeling, the anger, the pain, that every Indian is going through right now.

And to the terrorists, try your hardest to hide behind the pillars of your cowardice, we will find you, and justice will be taken.

Rest in Peace the heroes of our nation.

Jai Hind. 🇮🇳❤️


I visited Amulya writes

My journey with SIWO has been so encouraging and self developing. Thank you for always being so sweet and for all the guidance.
If you are not a part of SIWO, do it right away and be ready for a very informative and inspiring journey ❤️


I visited Amulya Writes;
Interesting things I found;
Life is a struggle, isn’t it?
Nothing is permanent,
There will be soft moments:
But also the hard moments
Will come;
And whenever they do,
Visit Amulya’s struggling heart;
Her encouraging words are magical!
And if you want
Some tender moments of love,
She has for you Angel love.
What can be more precious?
And she has much more.
And if you are with us, Amulya,
Tells us more of what
You have;
We love you.

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