#Poem 120: If it snows tonight

What if it snows the same tonight? ✨

lt’s been a year
Since we walked away
Do you still remember?
It was December
It snowed heavily
And we fought steadily
I remember the shouts
And the silence
The way you lied
The way I cried
I remember how the love died 

lts okay, it has always been
We were in love, not anymore
lts okay, it has always been
Since you walked out of the door 

But what if it snows the same tonight?
Will you come to hold me tight?
What if we could replace the fights?
Will you stay with me for the night? 

What if it snows the same tonight?
Could we try to make it right?
Under the cold moonlight?
Will you stay for the night? 

If it snows the same tonight   
Will you come and hold me tight?
Come and,
Hold me tight.

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  1. I love the circular direction of thought and emotion in this love poem Amulya, moving as it does from regret, to hurt and acceptance of loss, but then back to hope for reconciliation. It is so telling of the wounded human heart. I also like how nature here seems to know and understand cold emotion, with your cold moon and cold snow. These images reflect the emotions of the human observer, as if nature itself is being unkind, yet still loved by that person who watchess her (or him) and still loves. This literary technique has a name: pathetic fallacy. It sounds like a criticism, but it comes from the Greek word pathos, meaning feeling and fallacy probably relates to the idea of “making” or creating feelings.

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Hi, Xavier. I hope you’re doing good. I visited your blog, the comments were turned off so couldn’t leave a message there.
      Thank you for reading and also, understanding. Your words are, as always, encouraging. I learn from you everytime.

      Thank you and stay healthy. 🤍


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