#Poem 101: How do I unlove you ⚡

So, this is not my writing style. I tried something different on a friend’s recommendation . Not so sure about it, but here it goes:

Walking down your street
With memories in my heart
Hoping to live them once again
I’m standing near your house
Gazing at the door
Hoping to see you once again

I know you’re gone forever
And you’re never coming back
I know there are things
That I never should have said

But how do I unlove you
When love was all I had

I see this bench in the park
Where we sat under the stars
I see the swings we played on
And talked for hours
I hear your smiles
As the wind passes by me
I smell the scent
Of your favourite flowers

I know you’re gone forever
You’re never coming back
And there are things in my heart
That I should’ve said

But how do I unlove you
When love was all I had
How do I unlove you
When there’s so much left unsaid !


#Poem 100: In pieces ☘️ ( A special poem )

Hey! So this is my 100th poem on here and I wanted it to be special! ⚡

I have always been a big fan of self love. I believe that our biggest responsibility is to first take care of our own self. Because, only when we are healthy in and out, we can do wonders to make this world a better place to live for everyone else around us. And self love starts with accepting who you are, and loving yourself.

We all face hardships, pain, and we do get broken sometimes too. But, remember, you have the power to pick up those pieces and build yourself whole again. Even stronger than before. 🌸

We all carry scars, and think that we’re the only ones to bear them. And that’s not how it should be. Open up, talk and share. Open up, talk and live. ☘️