#Poem 116: Sunflower

I heard you like roses,
I tried to be one,
but I was a sunflower,
the lover of sun,
may be one day,
when the rose will dry away,
leaving you cold,
you’ll turn my way,
and see this lesser flower,
The less pretty one,
I’ll warm away your winter,
I’m the lover of sun.

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  1. bercatliz says:

    I love this poem. The sunflower has it’s own beauty.

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Thank you so much


  2. The late 17th century Romantic poet William Blake wrote a little poem called The Sunflower. Look it up if you have a moment. Like your poem, it personifies the sunflower as someone who wants to be loved as it follows the sun from dawn to dusk. And yet, there is nothing unspectacular about sunflowers. They can grow very large. They provide seeds and oil and even shade. And when the wind blows, they dance and even seem to smile. And they don’t have those nasty thorns!

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      I’ll surely look it up. Thank you for always adding up to my knowledge. You’re a true mentor, Xavier.
      And hehe yes. No nasty thorns. I hope you’re safe and healthy.
      Thank you for always taking time to encourage others. 🌟


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