#Poem 102: Promise

As I take the first bite

Of your favourite chocolate cake

I admire those cute

Funny faces you make

A hundred pictures clicked

But never enough for you

Oh darling how beautiful

You look today in blue!

As I hold your hand firmly

We share our worlds in words

I lose myself in you

Finding your joys, your hurts

The sunlight rays in

Through the window behind you

Glaring my eyes

Stating what’s true

Like every other time

You fade away in light

With a promise to meet again

As a star, in the night.


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  1. Akriti pandya says:

    Amazing collection of poetry on your blog. Keep up the good work. I just came across your blog and would love if you could also pay visit to my site. Blessings and love. ❤️🌸

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Thank you so much! 🌼
      I’ll surely visit yours too!

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  2. Mahika says:

    Wow !! You have a splendid blog !! Do read my new post Tinseltown @ https://wp.me/p8NgVO-eJ and follow my blog if you like

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Thank you!! 🌼


  3. So nice and moving poem. Full of tender feelings. Well done!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Thank you so much ☘️


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