# Anniversary 💝

I am so so so delighted to tell you all that it has been 2 years since i joined WordPress 😍😍😍
Wordpress and fellows like you all… has always been great companion to me. I dont spend much time these days here but yes !! I can never forget what WordPress did for me. 

I remember how i started writing few years back to portray the thought that invade in my mind. WordPress has given me the opportunity to meet all you talented people and to share part if works.

Thanks to everyone who read my works and cared to give their precious opinions on them. 

Thank you again !!

BlessedBe !!! ❤❤

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  1. Glad to see you again, my friend. Hope you and your family and friends are as well as can be during this moment of global challenge. It is so helpful to have your support and fellowship from across the seas. Hope you are able to manage your studies somehow in the midst of all this, Amulya. Xavier

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    1. @BeingAmulya says:

      Hi Xavier. We are all fine and safe. The lockdown here is extended till 3rd May. I hope you and your family is safe there as well. It’s always good to hear from you. Reminds me that we’re all connected, no matter how much the distance. Studies are going slow, but we’re managing to attend some classes online.

      Stay safe. 🌟


  2. Mahesh Mali says:

    Congratulations !

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  3. Just keep up the good work Amulya
    Your work is really magical.
    Keep posting such good posts…. 😊😊

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    1. Being_Amulya says:

      Thank you so muchh ☺☺


  4. Awesome. Keep yup the great blogging

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