#Poem 35: Dadย 

For when i cried
And was held by none
When i felt alone
When i felt so done

For when i fell
From the cliff of life
When i felt hurt
Drowned in strife

For when i felt lost
In woods so dark
And thunder threatened
Me with its spark

For when i needed
A hug of care
I searched for your arms
But found it nowhere

No matter how much
Your little girl grew
These kilometers between us
Makes me miss you !

My superhero !! My DAD !!


Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who loves reading and writing... This is my way to explore my inner self and to treasure my memories and thoughts !! For me writing is my "life's potion"... I just can't get things out of my mind utill i write them.


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