#Poem 31: Born To Refall And Fall To Reborn 

We are born to refall, 
And we fall to reborn, 
All the memories that we made, 
Are then left back untorn. 

The body faces fire, 
Ashes-ashes we fall down, 
Then a new life starts, 
From the dead ashed ground. 

The relations that we held, 
Leave us so neglected, 
In the sand of death, 
Our body lay unaffected. 

Whole life who never bowed, 
Even needs four shoulders, 
To be lead to the graveyard, 
With admirers and scolders. 

All wishes, all dreams, 
All smiles, all sighs, 
One can’t take with him, 
Even million time he tries!! 


Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who loves reading and writing... This is my way to explore my inner self and to treasure my memories and thoughts !! For me writing is my "life's potion"... I just can't get things out of my mind utill i write them.


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