#Poem 27: You are the sunshine

Minutes by minutes
Days by days
The time is passing
With its grace

Its been so long
Since our souls met
And we’re moving ahead
With no regret

In the ocean of life
We’re sailing as One
Madly i love you
What have you done !!

Your eyes reflect
The depth of your feelings
You are the reason
For all my healings

The scars that i had
On my broken heart
You replaced them by
Love hickies on the parts

The love that we hold
Is immense and pure
Is the smile on my lips
And every pain’s cure

Stay with me forever
And I’ll never leave your side
Because you are the sunshine
After my nights that i cried !!

_❤_Love_Faith_God_Tears_Smile_Trust_Life !!

Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.


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