#20 Poem: I Try To Remember


I try to remember
I try to recall
The days of my winnings
The days of my fall

Looking back the days
When i fell down
I see my pale face
With a big bad frown

But every time i fell
I dared to stand up
Again to fight for
My victory cup

Looking back the past
Makes me realize
That the good days are
Results of hard tries

I try to remember
I try to recall
The lessons i learnt
From the days of my fall…

Hard days are like dark night… no matter how dark it is… it will end soon!!

© Amulya Bhardwaj

Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.


27 thoughts on “#20 Poem: I Try To Remember”

  1. Lovely poem Amulya! Yes! Those times that you fall are necessary to make you strong. Here is a poem I composed for you to congratulate you on your very first published poem and what you are doing. If you like it publish it on your blog or do whatever you like with it. It goes thus:
    Congratulations loving Amulya!
    Congratulations loving one!
    How amazing indeed you are!
    See when you made it to the top;
    At a very young age;
    A great beginning you had, Amulya!
    And a great destiny awaits you.
    A great light, indeed, you are;
    Shining and lighting the world;
    Shine on, lovely one!
    Shine on forever;
    Shine on and light the world!
    by http:successinspirer.wpordpress.com.

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    1. Awww :’D this was so very very very lovely and amazing…
      Thanks a tonn Sir!! Thanks alot!! This made me feel so encouraged, loved and special….
      Thank You Thank You Thank You :’)

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  2. U r right… no matter hw much dark the night is it hs to end… keep urself motivating n keep moving..there is nthng wrng in falling n thn rising up with double the spirit… its keep a smile on ur face bcz smiles tend to chnge the destiny… no matter hw hrd the days r remember u r mch strng thn those situations tthts the reason why god gave those hrd days to u… so keep ur spirits hight n keep rising uo n one day u will achieve wht u dreamt of.. dont care wht others say bcz its habit of people commenting on others..dont pay attention to thm n keep taking a step forward n u will surely reach tht point where u wntd to b… n always keeo smiling no matter hw hrd the days r..

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