let me take you to the stars

A beautiful piece of work by a very potential writer.
Do check his works!! I bet u cant resist liking it. ^-^



Its hard and I don’t want to forget
Whatever transpired, love is a pure emotion and I don’t regret
We were and still are good friends
I know, you just want me to understand
Can we come again
let me take you to the stars
let’s start from where we began
leaving behind all the pain and scars
Lets stand at the window as it rains
when tired, let me take your shoes down
I want you to lay on my lap, listening to my bed stories again
As I make you laugh me being a clown
When you smile, it’s like watching a sunrise
let us be together, Forever and cherish the god’s creations
let me show you my emotions
As I turn everything into surprise….

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