#8 Poem: Two Shades Of Life


So many things,
Between sky and the ground,
So many incidents,
Happening all around.

The charming smiling faces,
Full of happiness and joy,
From a man winning deal,
To a baby who got his toy.

And the faces with frown,
Crying a loud rain,
Having heavy heart inside,
Full of sadness and pain.

The birds singing songs,
The flowers so pretty,
Spreading goodness in air,
Represents nature’s beauty.

The two shades of life,
Like the days and the night,
One with deep darkness,
And the other with bright light.

The relations that We hold,
Some true and some fake,
A few remains life long,
While the others set in life’s lake.

So many things,
Untouched and unknown,
So many incidents,
Left unfaced and unshown!!

There are moments of joy…there are moments of sighs…
All that one should accept is.. Nothing is permanent.. 


22 thoughts on “#8 Poem: Two Shades Of Life

  1. This was beautiful, Amulya ! I loved the way you summarized the whole world so wonderfully in these few lines. And the last stanza leaves a deep mark in the hearts of the reader! It is thought-provokingly amazing. Simply loved it 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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