#5 Poem: Ten Times


Ten times you lied,
Ten times you betrayed,
Ten times I tried,
Ten times I strayed.

I never came to know,
That I am living a fake dream,
Sailing blindly through your,
NEVER-TRUE‘ words’ stream.

I kept on writing replies,
Of your ‘NEVER-SENT‘ letters,
I died several lives,
But to you it doesn’t matter.

In painting the world full,
Of the love you ‘NEVER-DID‘,
I lost my colours of life,
And got faded in admist.

I wore a smile always,
To hide my pain and tear,
As your concern towards me,
Was ‘NEVER-FELT‘ and unclear.

With you I wanted to,
Share my rains of joy,
But you used me as a tool,
And threw away like a toy.

Ten times I mended you,
Ten times you broke me down,
By leaving my heart alone,
In blue with reasons to frown!!

Trust is like a mirror. Once broken, you may fix it again.. but you’ll surely see the cracks again!!

Published by: @BeingAmulya

I am just an ordinary girl who writes not just to share what she's feeling, but also to treasure every bit of her life on the paper. Writing makes me explore my thoughts, my feelings, myself.


9 thoughts on “#5 Poem: Ten Times”

  1. β€˜NEVER-TRUE, NEVER-SENT, NEVER-DID, and NEVER-FELT’ are the words that help to connect the reader to what you might have felt when you wrote this..truly wonderful..!! Awesome expression of one’s feelings..couldn’t have been better..!!

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